Indian Grill Company

Our Chairman Mr. Jayaram Banan has been titled as the serial entrepreneur in the hospitality sector by none other than Mr. Vir Sanghvi. While Mr. Banan started with the known SagarRatna restaurants, today his ventures have grown into becoming a complete group. In all, the group has more than 2000 employees. And in the last few decades, we as a group have been responsible for creating unforgettable experiences for millions of families. We welcome you all to be a part of a journey and experience filled with unforgettable moments.

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The other ventures in the group include:



Swagath opened its doors to seafood lovers in 2001. Swagath‘s cuisines have always been an offer of innovative and inventive coastal fare. The menu offers an array of delights- the choicest Indian, Mughlai, Mangalorean, Chettinad, Malabari and Chinese cuisines. Swagath has received a host of awards including the Times Food Award for Best Coastal Restaurant, during the years 2006 – 2009. It was Vir Sanghvi’s personal favourite at The HT City Awards 2007, and was voted one of the top 5 restaurants in India as well as one among the top 450 in Asia by The Miele Guide, 2009-2010.



A contemporary haven for modern traveler, the hospitality wing of JRB Group– the Ocean Pearl, flung open its doors to guests in the year 2010. Its second property christened “Ocean Pearl Retreat” came into existence in 2013 at Chattarpur, Opp. Ansal Farm, Satbari, New Delhi. More recently, Ocean Pearl also opened its doors to the fun-seeking traveller in Goa.



Located at Delhi’s Ashoka Hotel, Shraman is a paradise for the diner looking to pleasure his palate with the vegetarian delicacies from Marawar and Rajasthan. A speciality restaurant that has been earning praise consistently.



A specialty confectionery and bakery located in Defence Colony. The bakery is known for offering a wide variety of Breads, Bread rolls, Pastries, Tea cakes, Quiche, Puff, Sandwiches, Confections, Tarts, Cup cakes, Cookies, Cakes and much more. All the items are freshly made to satisfy the sugar cravings. The confectionary items can be enjoyed with some hot or cold beverages. With a small seating area with warm, soothing wooden interiors fused with the aroma of fresh breads and cakes, this outlet has earned many fans.


JRB Foods Pvt Ltd.

In the year 2011 the group forayed into snack food industry with a whole range of conventional &non-conventional snacks under the banner of JRB Foods Pvt. Ltd. It has a diverse product range and caters to all segments of the industry including General Trade, Modern Trade, Whole-seller, Cash & Carry, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Institutions and more.