Oxford Book Store, Connaught Place

Oxford Book Store, Connaught Place

An Avalon of Books


Place for book lovers who love to read or buy books based on various themes and stories. Connaught place has this very cool place where you can read your book and can buy them. It even allows you to chat with the author in person and get the book signed with the personal address.



It is not limited to books though, it also offers music, film DVD’s/CD’s, greeting cards etc. it carries this very interesting section known as Cha Bar which brews a really wide selection of Indian and international tea. The reason behind opening this Cha Bar is the extreme love for tea by Indians. This idea is quite effective too as many people loves reading and supping tea off.



It offers different types and flavors of tea including herbal tea, fruit tea etc. They also focused on the part that while reading, people do crave for some sort of munching item. They have muffins, Sandwiches, Samosas, Salads, Fries, Cookies, Pastries, Cakes, Pies and many more to satiate the cravings and to increase the experience of literary enrichment.

It has soothing, calm and peaceful ambience.  Totally suitable place for bookworms!!!  Try this place once and you’ll not regret going there. 

Content Author: Shrutika Singh