Regal Cinema Connaught Place

Regal Cinema Connaught Place

Regal Cinema, the oldest cinema hall in Connaught Place would screen the last show on 30th March .

The Iconic , 85 year Old Regal Cinema where Pt. Nehru and all other who's who, and the Delhi residents, used to watch movies, and whose red carpets were walked on by Bollywood legends like Raj Kapoor and Nargis, is all set to screen its last show. 


Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker and Sangam will be the last two movies to be shown at Delhi’s 85-year-old Regal cinema hall that is closing down on March 30. This would mark the end of Regal as you know it, and would be symbolic of closing of another chapter in Delhi's history.


Two reasons are cited for its closing, first is that recently there had been a notice by NDMC after the unfortunate building crash in C Block Connaught Place to furnish a structural safety certificate. However , the second , and more practical sounding reason is that the Cinema has not been generating enough cash to sustain itself, the collections have been going down, as most of the young crowd prefers the renovated Plaza or the Odeon cinema.


What would be here next is anybody's guess, as the owners say that they have applied for a Multiplex license which may come in a years time. Contrary to this the NDMC says that the building is too fragile for even a single screen cinema, how can it get permission for a multiplex. In the same breath the authorities say that they are not responsible for structural safety of any private owned building. We assume that if the owners get it renovated and give the structural safety certificate we may have a multiplex coming up, at the place where Regal stood tall all these years. 


History of Regal Cinema@ Connaught Place

Regal Cinema in Connaught Place was the first theatre in the area opened in 1932 by Sir Sobha Singh.

Called the New Delhi Premier Theatre in its early days, Raj Kappor, is said to have visited the theatre regularly and hosted premieres of several films released under the banner of RK films, including Sangam that released in 1964 and Mera Naam Joker, first screened in 1970.



Nostalgia may grip you even today if you walk the corridors and staircases of Regal, to find black and white photographs of actors Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Nargis, and Raj Kapoor.

The Regal building, as its called, will have Madam Tussads coming up on the first and the second floor, and if we are lucky the all new renovated multiplex will be there on the ground floor !!! 

Content Author: Somya Goswami