World Cuisines Converge at Connaught Place

World Cuisines Converge at Connaught Place

After braving a series of digging and construction work for many years, which finally finished in late 2013, life seems coming back to normal at Connaught place atarting 2014-2015, and now in 2016 Connaught Place is as vibrant and as active as ever before.

The buzz, the zing and the charm of Connaught place has always touched a nice cord with the citizens of Delhi and almost everyone who has been coming and living in Delhi has nostalgic memories of Connaught Place.

Dilliwalas would remember the days when a good night’s meal was superbly complimented only if it finished with a ride down to Connaught place for a lip smacking Ice Cream at Nirula’s - much has changed in Delhi since then.

Today, Ice Creams at Connaught Place may not be the only option for dessert after lunch or Dinner, but one may still want to head for Connaught Place for different reasons altogether.

Apart from the shoppers who swear by some of the oldest and the legendary shops in Connaught Place the shopping hub is now also shaping up as Delhi’s favourite hunting grounds for experiencing world’s different cuisines.

Within last couple of years host of restaurants have set shop in Connaught Place, some new brands and some having old and rich legacy of their own. From North to South indian, Mexican & Italian to Chinese, Thai and Japanese ranging upto Lebanese, Connaught place has them all.


To be continued………

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Content Author: Ankit