The G.T. Road

The G.T. Road



A Food Voyage From Kabul to Chittagong : experience the different cuisines on the grub road with a classic ambience of this restraurant.




Explore the Food with a twist and taste of different domains. The GT Road is a 2600 km gastronomical journey from Kabul to Chittagong. A rich geography that  witnessed history like no other. A land seeped in traditions, culture, beliefs & rituals. It is our mission to bring back the lost recipes of an era gone by, the authentic organic spices & masalas to transport one back in time, using traditional cooking methods & secrets to retain the authentic taste & flavors. We call this journey a visit back to the roots! 



The signature dishes from the stretch are:

Peshawar- Chapali Kebab,Chicken Chole, Namak Maans

Lahore - Rarha Gosh, Rawat Chaamp, Nihari, Lahori Chargha Kebab

Kanpur - Thaggu Ke Laddu, Tokari Chaat, Pani Batasha

Delhi - Chaat, Butter Chicken, Kulfi Kure Mall Ki, Peepa Meat

Kolkata - Bhaja, Aloo Poshto, Fish Curry, Biryani

Amritsar - Dalmakhani, Amritsari Fish, Rarha Meat, Dhaba Chicken, Halwa, Thooti (Firni)

Kabul - Goshti Sambusa, Katchalu Pakwara, Gosht Mantou, Afghani Barf, Ghoush e Feel




Address: M- 39, Outer Circle, Connaught Place.

Ph: 9717720084

Content Author: Isha Soni