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Tricolour at Connaught Place Central Park is the highest monumental flag in New Delhi

Connaught Place witnessed the rising of city's highest monumental flagpole in the Central Park on March 7th, 2014. The flagpole measuring 207 ft in height was hoisted by the Member of Parliament from Kurukshetra and the founder of the Flag Foundation, Mr. Naveen Jindal on Friday.


The idea of monumental flagpoles was conceived by Mr. Jindal and the country now has the largest number of such flags in the world. The Tricolour at Central Park is visible from a large distance around the Connaught circle and provisions have also been made to keep it illuminated from dusk to dawn.

A brillaint sight, not to be missed, for the sheer feeling of pride it evokes in every onlooker and all the excitement that surrounds the place.

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