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Rainbows and Raindance at Raahgiri in Connaught Place

Rain Dance at Raahgiri Day Connaught Place

rain dance at raahgiri connaught place

Thanks to the Fire Services Week  by the Delhi Fire Service, visitors at the Raahgiri day were pleasantly treated to a Rain Dance  at the Connaught Place Central Park.

artificial showers connaught place

“The initiative is to showcase the strengths of equipment the Fire Service has and we are also using this platform to run an awareness campaign towards do's and don’ts in case of a fire” said Mr Atul Garg of the Delhi Fire Services, present at the venue

fire week

All said, the visitors had a fantastic time enjoying the Rain and Rainbow's on a warm sunny morning at Connaught Place

rain dance at central park connaught place

rainbow at central park connaught place

Trust you noticed the Rainbow !!

rain central pak connaught place

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